Troble with HOG in Surveyor


I recently managed to create a route using Microdem. I successfully created and replaced the mapfile.gnd in CM as well as installed HOGs. When I bring up my route in surveyor, it looks like this:


instead of how it generally looks like:

The grid has tuned into a tan color, the roads are now brown, and the track and water lines are the same teal color. Does anybody have any idea on what I did wrong or any suggestions on how to correct this?
Start CM, find Hog19 in your local content, right click on it and select 'Edit in Explorer' from the pop-up menu. COPY the Hog19 folder from the pop-up window to the desktop. Now delete Hog 19 from CMP, Load the route and select 'Delete Missing Content' from the Surveyor menu. You can now re-install Hog19 if you wish by using 'Import Content' from the CMP 'Files' menu and re-installing the folder from the desktop (but I wouldn't bother)... Textures/

Only: black, blue, red, blinding aqua ... etc ... are used in Trainz HOG routes
None of the rest of the HOG textures are used

hog65 kuid:9:21065
hog66 kuid:9:21066
hog67 kuid:9:21067
hog68 kuid:9:21068
hog69 kuid:9:21069
hog70 kuid:9:21070
hog71 kuid:9:21071
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Thank you, that helps a lot. This still leaves me with two problems. One is that the track and water lines are still the same color. When I was looking at the mini map it showed both lines as the proper color, however, once I saved the game the different color lines turn black. The other problem I just discovered is that the major roads (i.e. highways) do not appear on the route. Again, they had shown up on the mini map but after saving, they now longer appear.
All of the HOG textures are used, the problem is that you had the wrong texture set loaded when you made the map.

In your HOG install there are three txt files: TEXTURES.txt. HOG_tiger.txt and HOG_Default64.txt.

TEXTURES.txt is the texture set that HOG uses, and it can be a copy of either of the other two. In your install you will find that TEXTURES.txt is a copy of HOG_default64.txt. For a Tiger map, TEXTURES.txt should be a copy of HOG_tiger.txt

Deleting the background colour will sorta work, but the rail/road/river lines will still be wrong. The better fix is to re-make the HOG gnd file. You can re-use your existing elevation and map images (you did save them, didn't you!) in HOG, just change the texture set and re-create the gnd....
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Now, I am totally confused :hehe:

If the image overlay is Tiger data, then TEXTURE.txt needs to be identical to HOG_Tiger.txt

If the image overlay is a scanned map, satelite image or whatever, then TEXTURE.txt needs to be identical to HOG_Default64.txt.

That's why HOG does in fact use all the textures. The fact that 99.9% of HOG maps have a Tiger overlay does however give the false impression that only a small part of the whole texture set is ever used...