TRE F40PH’s in service.


Goofy Fictional RR Owner
The Trinity Rail Express commuter railroad that serves Fort Worth and Dallas has recently acquired two F40PH’s for use on it’s mainline. They look good in the TRE scheme and certainly will make a welcome addition to the TRE fleet. Here’s a video by Texas Trains that shows off the new engines undergoing revenue runs.

No, usually TRE runs 1 unit and 3-4 bilevels on weekdays and 1 unit and 2 bilevels on Saturday. Gonna try and make the F40 for Trainz, we’ll see how that turns out :)
Looking great! Is that going to be the normal consist? Two engines, two bilevels?

The first locomotive is the F40PH while the second locomotive is probably an F59PH or F59PHI. The F59PH or F59PHI is there in case the F40PH breaks down and has to be set out on a siding, so that there's still an operable locomotive to pull the train. Amtrak is doing the same thing with their ALC-42's, with enough P42DC's behind the ALC-42's pulling the train to pull the train without the ALC-42's, hence why Amtrak's Empire Builder was recently caught by Virtual Railfan on one of their webcams in Washington with 2 ALC-42's followed by 2 P42DC's, then the rolling stock. I didn't watch the video, but that's what I'm guessing.