TRC 4 Trigger issues


I have been changing several routes to use TRC 4 Triggger for crossing -- Vincentrh <Kuid2:458053:101686:20>. The trigger works fine on newer routes (TRS 19 and newer), but seems to be inconsistent on older routes such as Marias Pass Route X. Some triggers recognize the crossing and scenery elements and other trigger lose the connection once the route is saved and closed. All triggers and associated elements are labeled correctly as X&1, X&2, X&3, etc .

Anyone else have this problem?

Running TRS22 for Mac, build 119458
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Your asset is obsolete, The current version is :21. A new version : 22 currently on beta testing should be available on the DLS shortly

I realized I made typo with the TRC 4 Trigger KUID. The correct one is Kuid2:458053:100686:20. Is there a version :21 of this? If so, where can it be found.

I to constantly have to reconnect the triggers. amazing when they work! sometimes i get lucky and dont have to reset it a few game loads in a row lol
Have just downloaded the latest trigger, :21,. This system is fantastic , I’ve set it up on a test track and it works really well on a four track set up, express and slow in each direction. However, using ECML route, tiggers do not recognise each other or any scenery objects. The only thing they recognise is the track stopper. Each trigger is physically attached by rail to the stopper. Discovered that the TRC traffic stoppers attached to the tracks are recognised by the ATLS controller/slave and work with a ATLS crossing.
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