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I have an item in a previous install which I want to transfer to a new install due to corruption in my Route
It was a reward item from the Kickstart we ran to fund Trainz
It's shown as packaged

<kuid2:303612:44:1> Brandon by txeroki

How do I transfer ti to the new install ?
Right-click it in CM and select "List Dependencies recursively". You will want to make sure you get all the dependencies with it. Select all the dependencies. Right click the asset in CM and select "Export to CDP". Give it some name like "Brandon". If you have everything selected, it will export a CDP file with everything in it to your downloads folder or wherever you select. When you get your new install, you can just drag-and drop it into the new CM.
EDIT: Sorry, not sure if this works for packaged items. I am wondering if you should be able to go to the Content Store in your new install and download it from there? Or maybe check and see if it is in "My Trainz - My Digital Downloads"?
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All the rewards from kickstart were for Tane weren't they?
So if I reinstall Tane and work my way back up to trs22 I can get them back?
Look for Additional TANE Assets for TRS19.

There are some TRS22 specific Content Packages you should install from the Content Store. These contain the built-in content found in TRS22.
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