TransDEM Help. Auto Located Tiles NOT.


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Help Help! I am at my wits end trying to have UTM tiles in my Transdem generated route. I've got folders full of tiles that were created with the AutoPlacement and a route they should go with but they refuse to even acknowledge each other's existance. I've been through the first (last) TransDEM-Trainz tutorials a number of times (that's what I did with my day) and I seem to be left with only the option of placing them by hand using the objects tab in surveyor. Not really much point unless I can get them positioned really well...

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, again.

OK, got that part fixed. Sure wish I knew how...
Placement isn't so good. Accidentally let TD use maps to texture baseboards and they disagree approx. 50m. Which disagrees about 50m in another direction from google earth where I got the imagery in the first place... Oh well Using the Oceanside VORTAC as my world origin since i have a really good fix on its position. hope the imagery lines up somewhat with the elevation data....