Transdem done?

I tried to contact Mr. Ziegler @ and i get a mail failure saying the account does not exist? i wanted to buy it again as i lost my installer that i purchased in 2017 if i cant get it can someone suggest any other dem programs that have been adapted to trainz? i just got 22 and want to get back into my thing
well i think i figure out the issue hopefully i think the email has changed to
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The site seems to be alive and well. It does appear his contact is what you have at the end of your post, but you may want to alter it in your post like he does so he doesn't get spammed.
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thanks i just removed both maybe thats why i got mail failure i sent like 4 emails to the info email and he more than likely blocked me as that email is listed in the transdem info as well
I contacted him at mail @ his domain about a year ago to update. I don't think he uses the info address anymore due to spam.
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Send him an email with whatever details you have of the original purchase. H will send you a link to download again when it checks out.