Trainz2 asset issues


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Hello everyone:D,

I'm new to Trainz IPad version, running on IPad 2, however been around trains all my life. Fantastic program, however I need a little help here? I have some sessions that are missing assets, I know where to find them, however, from what I see I can't download them like you can if your running PC Or Mac? Or from what I've seen you can't bring assets from PC to IPad side ? ???

Unless I don't understand the IPad program version, so my next question is can I take the problem route/sessions etc., and use surveyor to correct asset problem? If so, how is this done? Can you point me to some written info for the procedure.?

I've had the IPad version for 2weeks and found this forum and I'm trying to read and learn everything to know about the IPad version ASAP .....I run steam in my PC, but have been Away from it for quite some time. but for the time being I don't plan on purchasing Trainz for my PC..

In advance thank you for directions and any help you can give...? :)
You might be better off posting this question in the IPad support section since most of us here are PC users and have little experience of using Trainz on the mobile platforms.

In general the dependency issue you have maybe due to a version issue, meaning the route was originally meant for the PC or Mac desktop, and the dependencies are not all available for the iPad.