Trainz Protocol Changer - Second Edition

That sounds like a Steam-specific issue - might be worth closing it down and letting the link restart it. Shane

If I click the "Download Helper" button with T:ANE and Steam both shut down I still get the same result. I notice on your profile you are not using T:ANE-Std from Steam yourself. Have you tested this on T:ANE-Std yourself?

Hi Shane --

Need to go, but I will let you know tomorrow, ok, Shane ... Trainz, out of the blue, began this data repaire that takes forever --- Need to shut it down anyway, and continue tomorrow --- 6pm here now --

Thanks Shane for your help --
Take care, be safe!!
I have recently set my tane base install in a 120gb ssd and then set the association with the DLS. It works the problem is that when i click download with download helper and it launches it doesn't allow multiple downloads and when i click download for one file it boots up tane and downloads the asset then i tired the dls download helper again but nothing come up. I close out tane and then a few seconds later tane starts up again with the asset and downloads it. it seems that after each individual dwonload when using the dls you have to exit tane for the next download to start instead of downloading them without having to open tane up over and over again.