Trainz Memes

This is courtesy of "I'm not right in the head":

A true "Iron Horse"


You make a point there, for someone with 600,000 assets in the game, it takes a while for an EDBR.

Well EDBR only take 30 mins to an hour now. I remember back in the day it could take 10 to 12 hours+ to do database repairs. I have a lot of assets too:hehe:.
I think it also depends on if you have it on the local drive, or a USB external drive, and if USB, whether it is regular or SSD. I have a regular USB drive and I think that just pegs the read/write for a couple of hours or more.
Heh. Sometimes I think people who know trains don't know business and vice versa. If they stay away from Harvard MBAs they should do better.