trainz issue


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hi all

For some reason i am no longer able to log in to the download station or the content manager both should use the same details right????


I can access the DLS via the web (both black and white page versions) and through CM although CM is showing the "Unable to contact Planet Auran" red warning line at the bottom. This could be because the Planet Auran site is undergoing some changes.
One thing you can try is to reset your password in Trainz Launcher. From the Launcher, select options then click the Planet Auran tab and re-enter your Trainz username and password (the old password - not a new one). This sometimes does the trick.
sir_plewsy, the time differences between the N3V location (Australia, a number of hours later than your time zone of GMT) and your location might be at work here. If N3V perform some activity which disrupts the servers on Fri or Sat night in Australia, the DLS / DLC servers are going to be out of commission on Friday in the UK. I've found that if I experience issues after about Noon Friday (US Central Standard Time through Saturday and into Sunday, that the trouble is usually resolved by Sunday evening CST, which is about when the N3V folks come back to work on their Monday AM.

I only begin to be concerned about outages between Sunday evening, and about Friday Noon CST

hi all

iv manage to resolve my issure i ended up resetting my password and that seemed to do the trick

many thanks