Trainz Future


Trainz Team
Hi All,

As i have seen in the forums there is alot of confusion over what is happening with Trainz due to the recent news of Auran. Trainz IP is held by Auran Games which is a child company under the Auran Group, Auran Developments is the company that went under and this company was the compay that employed all the staff at Auran. When the company went into Volentary Adminstration All staff were fired. Auran Games owns the IP for Trainz but also the DLS, iTrainz server, all the source code and Art source for Trainz.

A few staff members have been re-hired under Auran Games to continue working on the current titles. This means for Trainz we now have a team of 3 people myself (Lead Programmer/Co-Producer), James Moody (Programmer/Community Manager), Megan Berry (2D/3D artist). We also hope to have Rob Shaw back on the team very shortly. But we have had to let go Lance and Alan and they will be dearly missed by both the community and the team team that remains.

Currently we are still working on Trainz Classics 3 and we still do hope to have this out early next year. The future after this next Trainz Classics is not as certain of yet with many talks going on between the team and management about were we go from Trainz Classic 3 but be assured that there will be another product.

This is going to be a very hard time for all people involved with Trainz and we will do all that we can to help keep the community informed and happy, but we have less numbers now and with the quick transition the people remaining will be working as hard as we can, but there is alot to learn. So please bare with us over this period. We will be reading the forums as much as we can over this period and trying to give answers were we can, if ti looks like we are not listening we are we are just really busy trying to improve Trainz too, but we are reading you posts.

Trainz will continue as long as there is a community to support the product, so this time now it is very important for the community to remain together.

I will try and personally check the forums as much as i can over the next few weeks, and i'll try and answer as many questions as i can.

All the best

Aidan Millott - Lead Programmer/ Co-Producer - Trainz Team Auran