Trainz Forge: Routes, Reskins and Renders

With the addition of no. 4442 when it was working as the station pilot in Omaha, the collection is now complete.



I´ve just seen the updated CSA challenger on the veteran's day video, is this one gonna be on the website as well ?
These one: ttps://
ANL was working on a updated loco before retiring and i just recognized instantly on the video by the wooden footboard on the tender
It would be very charm as well togheter with the S-5 and S-6
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The WP/VT&S 0-6-0s being a different make and model, I wouldn't call them 'variants' of a UP class. Note the larger boiler, smaller drivers, taller domes, different cab profile, lower, longer tender, ALCo standard appliances, and several other details all indicative of a different design standard.
That said, the group does have access to the specs for the VT&S engines. But if they are done, they will be done properly, rather than being shoehorned onto an unrelated project.
More progress: a proper trailing truck, boiler, and the start of some piping. Once the cab mesh is done detailing should go faster since I have a lot of parts I can reuse from other projects.

More work in on the M-100. The clamshell smokestack is animated and will be functional in game. Not visible right now is the smokebox interior, that is also complete. Tomorrow I think I'll start work on getting the cab in.

New diagrams found by a friend have allowed me to increase the accuracy of this project by quite a bit. I have relocated and rescaled parts that were wrong, as well as continue working on adding more detail to the model. Below is a comparison between the mesh as it stood before the new diagrams, and the updated mesh after the new diagrams. Key things that changed are the rear drivers moving forward by about a foot, the stack moved backwards, cab proportions were adjusted, and the domes grew a bit and size.


And the model as it sits currently:

Am I in heaven? One of, if not THE best modelers in Trainz is making my 1 1/4 favorite locomotive of all time! :udrool::mop::mop::mop:
Feels good to finally be able to start getting some color on it! A lot more left to do still, tomorrow I'll probably start unwrapping and baking the tender mesh, then its off to substance painter to join the engine.