Trainz Forge F Unit Faulty Couplers


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Hello again, I installed the Soo Line F units from Trainz Forge not too long ago, and they were working just fine. However problems started when I also downloaded the SP F units a few hours ago. Now all of a sudden there's 2 faulty dependencies, <kuid2:103021:100908:2> (Coupler Bogey Top Back), and <kuid2:103021:100909:2> (Coupler Bogey Top Front) for both sets. Reading through the forums, it was said the problem was having the older assets of these dependencies installed. I deleted the older assets, but the dependencies are still faulty, so then I tried reinstalling both, didn't work, then I did a full database repair to no avail. Pulling my hair out at this one, real confused as to how they were working just a day ago and now they aren't. Just hoping there's a solution to this.
I really hate faulty assets in routes that can’t be fixed easily because then they won’t show up in the route and aren’t easily replaceable.
Right-click each asset and select "view errors and warnings." Copy and paste the results here. Maybe we can help you fix them.
Here's what the errors for both couplers say:

- <kuid2:103021:100909:2> : VE33: Alias mesh 'coupler_top.lm.txt' not found in dependency <kuid:103021:100322>.
- <kuid2:103021:100909:2> : VE33: Alias mesh 'coupler_top.kin' not found in dependency <kuid:103021:100322>.

And to note, <kuid:103021:100322> being the outdated Coupler mesh library. Apparently, that was what caused the issues, after deleting the old library boom they work again! I guess somehow it got installed with another set I downloaded, hope this helps if anyone else has problems with them.
I think he was saying that <kuid:103021:100322> is the outdated Coupler mesh library.
If you have that version delete it, as the current version is
<kuid2:103021:100322:2> Coupler Mesh Library. For me that is built-in to TRS2019 Platinum.
The word boom is just an expression, as in "boom, they work again!"
You have to delete obsolete versions:

<kuid:103021:100322> Coupler Mesh Library
<kuid2:103021:100322:1> Coupler Mesh Library

You cannot delete the internal version that comes from the source with Trainz 2019:
<kuid2:103021:100322:2> Coupler Mesh Library