Trainz and Vista


Empire Builder
I just got a new PC for christmas complete with Vista :) and so far its fantastic. The graphics card isnt that good but i can change that with some christmas money. I heard that there is a pack that comes with Trs06 and TC fully vista compatible, is this true? Right now all i have is 04 and havent instaleld it on this one becuase Im unsure if it will work.


As a Vista user, I can say 04 should work, BEFORE installing you should search for threads on Vista and installing Trainz in the 06 section. There's a bit about installing Trainz and using "Run as Administrator" on the installation and certain files that applies to 04 also, search using +run +as +administrator, the + should narrow the search down to topics that have those words.

The item with 06 and TC is Trainz Railwayz. got that too, have only installed the TC part for now, didn't have to do the administrator bit it appeared to set that up itself but I checked anyway. I get better FPS with TC than 04 though the Harlem Line takes some time to load in certain areas and I haven't transferred the same amount of content over yet like the amount I have in 04.
thanks for the info, I ll check the 06 fourms later, im at school and the security here only lets me got to the 04 page, not 06 or TC :hehe: . Ill give 04 a try when i get home. I have a LOT of content to transfer too, good thing my new pc has 500GB of hard drive space ;)
Well I have just succesfully installed both Trs 04 and MSTS and both are woring perfectly :) and the integrated graphics card isnt performing too bad either.