Trainz AI speed issues when using a control car (TS12, ~80% speed)


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I've noticed that when I use a control car on a train, the following speeds (in mph) become the maximum track speed (just a sample, but all are roughly in the 80% of the speed limit range and all while running with a green/clear signal)

Speed limit (max observed in parenthesis)
15 (12/13)
30 (25)
40 (34)
50 (41)
60 (50)
70 (59)
80 (67)
100 (79)

Behavior happens whether it is 4 coaches or 7+ coaches, only constant is a normal locomotive (in this case P32-8BWH from JR) on one end and a control/cab car on the other end (with "default engine" enginespec on a yukonzoom BBL car). Does anyone have any thoughts? Posting here because not sure if this bug happens in T:ANE too with anyone else.
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Look at the two engine specs and compare the values in the maxspeed tags. I've found that trains will not run at maximum speed if the two tags have different values. If they're different, I would clone the default engine spec and edit it to have the same maxspeed as the loco. Then edit the control car config to use the cloned engine spec.