Trainz 2022 PE suddenly wont start


I hate this game.....Build TRAINZ 2022PE build 122418. Out of the blue when I start the game it just hangs. After I close it it says it renderer failed. I have another Trainz 2022 install with a different data directory and it starts just fine. It started fine a couple of days ago. Any ideas?
I had this happen with TRS19 a few years ago. I don't know what causes it but sometimes it fails to detect the GPU and the workaround I did was uninstall the game and reinstall it fresh then redirected it back to the original data folder so I had my content again.
Worth a try - nothing to really lose except waiting to download and install the game.

Thanks, But there must be a file that senses the card. Maybe if I find out the startup file that senses the gpu and delete it maybe it will start. Question is which file?
Try just updating/reinstalling graphics driver. Also, I had TRS19, Tane, and another train sim not startup yesterday. I opened my case and reseated my SSD's and gpu and made sure everthing was tight then ran a system file check.
File check found some bad files and recovered them. Everything worked fine after that.
Thanks, But there must be a file that senses the card. Maybe if I find out the startup file that senses the gpu and delete it maybe it will start. Question is which file?
That one is a good question and I don't have the answer to this one. You could try copy and paste some of the dll files from the working copy to TRS22 PE but then again it could cause more issues than fixing...

I redownloaded 122418. it starts with no issue. I could just point my massive data folder to this new install but I believe I will lose all my picklist which are very important to me. Does anyone know where rhey are stored> Moving picklists from one install to another seems like it is a disaster.
Thanks all,
Got it sorted. I pointed new install to my old install database. Didn't loose anything even my picklists showed up. Still wonder how my old install went wonky just out of the blue. Like I said, sometimes I really hate this game.
I agree with you - I also hate this game sometimes because of all of its 'features' that can break the game.
Glad you managed to get everything working again withoit losing a single thing :)

If your system isn't on a UPS and there's a power glitch, then program files and data can become corrupted. These units not only allow me time to shut programs down safely and then shut down the computers normally, they also protect the hardware from hard spikes and sags we get all the time. When a motor is turned on, for example, this sends a power wave back down the line that can spike the power after causing a sag when the motor is initially turned on. Lightning hitting a pole will send a large spike of voltage down the line that will wipe out everything in its path. A UPS can protect from that because they have a grounding bar and large thyristors in them to soak up the current. Generally, though after a direct lightning hit, you'd want to replace the UPS anyway but it did take the hit for your equipment.

In addition to power hits, Windows updates can wreak havoc if you don't have Windows notify you of an impending restart and then it restarts the computer on you. As a rule, I check for updates prior to doing anything with my computer to mitigate the chances of being interrupted by a message and then have to shut down Trainz or other programs to complete the restart. You can also wait then until you are done or until you shut down and install the update then.