Trainz 2009 World Builder Very Impressive! Please Read.


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:confused: I had bought the digital download and it was corrupted, the download failed after many tries so I gave up and I emailed the Auran's Help Desk and they were very fast & friendly to respond and they refunded my money asap so as I could just go ahead and buy the Dvd boxed version.
I had to wait a few days for the refund with my Paypal but no delay from Auran's end and I did get it asap, and I went ahead a bought the Dvd boxed version.
:D Here is my story about the Trs2009 World Builder. After I bought the dvd I tried to repair what I had downloaded. After a few days and several hours I was able to repair it with WINRAR. So I went ahead and loaded it onto my new computer with the idea never ever to use the serial number that I was sent by email, anyway the download version was not completly perfect as due to the corrupted files of the BIN1 setup was damaged.:'( After I get my new boxed version I will completly delete :mop:the download and serial numbers as it was never registered. I was just wanting to test it and see:eek: if it was worth buying after all. WOW! I was very amazed after 4 days of work to find out. I am pretty sure all of you wanted to hear some good news. I was able to get all of my content from TRS2004 and TRS2006 to work in the TRS2009 including my Monorails and my bought payware VMD locos. I have to let you know that it was not an easy task as it took me almost all week to repair and prepare the older content to be compatible to the TRS2009. The real answer is yes it does work including my old maps from years ago and the performance was many times that of the TRS2006 I can hardly wait to see what a non corrupted Dvd version will perform over the bad download, the frame rates were at least more than 2x or more than before in the TRS2006 version at least very smooth fluid movement. Auran has most certainly made this version TRS2009 worth the wait as it has much better quality in the graphics and sound, and also the Content manager works much better. The content manager is still not perfect as it does sometimes hang and not respond. But it is a very minor problem in comparison to the older ones, it will also repair the complete content data base when any thing wierd happens. I had loaded into it the amount of (25gigs) of my older content from 2004 and 2006 and yes it took me many many hours to sort it all out and repair the assets due to thousands of files so as they would comply with the 2009. The TRS2009 even gives you a batch file tool to repair missing .texture files and it converts them over to .tga files for you automatically. The frame rate is so better like Butter and Fluid smooth when you are driveing the train in the cabin mode even with large layouts. Items that impressed me were as follows the Content Manager is much better. Smoother frame rates with large maps, you can (-disablerailjoinsound=1) in the config file and it does just that, no clickity clack whatsoever. Loading times are very fast even for large maps, really impressive is when you exit the game it does it within about 2 secs with no waiting for it to close out to the desktop. They also added a few fun surprizes to play with! I love the Lightining bolt that when you click anywhere onto the ground in your map area, you can witness what the power of gigawatts of lightining will do to your map and or your content LOL! (DO NOT) save the damage that it does when you exit your map like I almost did. Oh! Also the draw distance was maxed out to 5000m when I was testing and frames were as stated a constant 30fps. Read on and I will tell you my Computer specs and how I had it set up. I also need to mention that the sound is a lot better than the TRS2006 but does still needs some work as the Locomotive Steam engines muffle down a lot when the speed picks up and the sound quality fades to almost no sound from the Loco's engines, Auran please fix this last problem and the game as far as I am feeling will be perfect. The sound is superior in the main map areas but does need to be improved as far as the engine sounds from the Locos as it muffles out very badly.
I have the nvidia 8800 Ultras but was only using one of them with the SLI off most of the time. I tried the SLI options and could not see much difference in the performance as it was awsome with just the one card running. I set my Nvidia control panel graphics as follows.
The latest drivers for the 8800 series cards.
Monitor Resolution for the HP w2208 LCD 22"
Anistropic-Filtering (16x)
Antialiasing-Mode (Overide Any Application Setting)
Antialiasing (16x)
Antialiasing Transparency (Multisampling)
Conformant Textrue Clamp (Use Hardware)
Error Reporting (Off)
Extension Limit (Off)
Force Mipmaps (Trilinear)
Maximum Pre Rendered Frames (3)
Multi Display/Mixed-Gpu Acceleration (Single Display Performance)
Texture Filtering-Negative LOD Bias (Clamp)
Texture Filtering Quality (High Quality)
Threaded Optimization (Auto)
Triple Buffering (On)
Vertical Sync (Force On)

Trainz Options
Computer Specifications.
Crosshair Formula II Am2+
ABS Tagan 1100 watt Powersupply Pulling 498watts constant with TRS2009 running, I do'not want to see my electric bill for this week of testing. Lol.
Zalman zm-Mfc2 wattage meter and fan controller combo unit
Am2 6400+ 3.2ghz Dual core Prosessor Overclocked with the NOS 3% on Demand
Zalman 9700nt cpu fan
2 gigs of matched Crucial Balistix Tracer Memory 800mhz ddr2
Creative XFI Champion Platinum Sound card
BFG Nvidia 8800 Ultra x2 Video cards
4x Western Digital Raptor hard drives 74.3gigsx4 each at 10,000 rpm in Raid 0
8mb cache buffers on each drive. 276 Gigs left over after (windows XP Pro 32bit) takes it's share.
I hope this helps out those that wanted to know what the Trainz Simulator World Builder had to offer as far as an improvement from tha last history of the Trainz Saga. AURAN Please keep up the great work and improve this TRS2009 to the MAX!! All in all this new game runs very smooth & stable! I will continue to do a lot more testing and research on this new 2009 platform and keep you all informed. If I find any wierd bugs I will share them with you all. Content creators please get busy making new content for the TRS2009 and I will most definently buy your Payware as I have done in the past. If you do, do it as freeware I will give Paypal donations to you also. May God's Speed Be With You All. Jon J.:wave:
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Sorry For Speeding! I will Slow Down For The Next crossing.

I got The trainzoptions from within the main C:/ProgramFiles/Auran/TRS2009/Trainzoptions Config File. You can change the settings in that note pad. Just a little more control over the Trainz Configurations. Those settings have a direct influence to how the Trainz program functions.

Look up the Trainz Options in the forum under the older TRS2004 & TRS2006. Try a search on Goolge and you will find an explanation of what these settings due and suggestions for what they are. "-znear=0.01" cleans up the shimmering on the buildings in the distance. "-zfar=1500" was the default setting for the older Trainz versions, new version is "-zfar=5000" for how far you could see into the distance without the buildings and roads poping in and out. Search out Trainz options config file on the forum and you will get a run down and how to use it.:)
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Have you tried it with SP1? Have heard horror stories when the service pack is used. I have TRS2009 but am waiting to see whether an SP2 is brought out befoe I install. Thanks for a positive spin on the saga!
I bought the DVD copy of TRS2009, WBE, and then installed the SP1, with no outstanding 'issues' or anything of the sort. Sure, the tree's and other items that use the alpha-blending (I believe that's what its called) look a little weird, but as for most of these 'issues' others are experiencing, TRS2009 and SP1 both run smoothly on this machine, and my laptop.
Yes I Installed The Sp1

The Sp1 Worked fine.:D I installed the Service pack1 right after I intalled the semi corrupted download as I thought that the Sp1 would more than likely repair the funky download of the Bin1 file. I did the SP1 asap without starting trainz first, then after the main install, I hit it with the SP1 and then started up The World Builder, and all was ok.:D I played with the built in routes for a bit and then did my nightmere content installl. Wew! after days and hours the extra content install did not slow anything down except my Brain and Patience.:cool: But it was rewarding after I was done. Now When I have the time after my day job, I will back up the repaired Local folder to a few backup drives and save all my repaired work for the Dvd boxed version. I feel that maybe I will reformat my hard drives with:mop: a clean install. of windows and give that XP service Pack 3 a run:eek: just for the idea that everyone says that it is ok. What does the Sp3 fix anyway? does anyone know? This is my gaming computer and not used on the internet whatso ever.
what do the 2 dynamic texture/vertex ones do?. I've used the rest and locos appear nearer the camera and seem much sharper in focus.