Trainz 2009- Serial number, possible fix?


New member
When inputted into the My Trainz serial number boxes, I have the message "This serial number has already been registered". I have already gone to the helpdesk and realised that my second hand copy has already been registered. However, this does throw up more problems than solutions and I am asking is there a way either round this or to solve this.

I have had some ideas such as contacting the previous person who owned this version or similar method.

Any help is much appreciated.
Don't worry all I have got what I wanted in the end. I wanted access to the DS for more industries to play around with, but now I've found the multiple industry track. So woooo.
Oh yeah, regarding buying Trainz 12. I was wondering; is it really worth buying as it is on sale on steam.
I say this because I'm looking at the reviews and they all say the same; the game is bugged to hell, there's not enough maps, no A3 Flying Scotsman and A4 Mallard, the first class tickets for the DS are expensive, etc. So since I don't have friends to play this with and TS2009 seems fine, I am leaning towards not purchasing it.