trainz 2006 windows error


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I have just had a Windows "stop" error - and next time I booted up the programme it froze -= are there any driver updates and from where can I download them please
I suspect yours is not a Trainz problem. It is something else in your system.
There is only one update for TRS2006 and that is service pack one, SP1.

I'm assuming you mean "drivers" for your PC?

It's very likely, however, these depend on the manufacturers of the equipment:-
As an example, my PC has a Gigabyte Motherboard, nVidia Graphics and Hercules sound card, running Windows XP (Service pack 2).

I have to check with Gigiabyte, nVidia and Hercules to make sure that these drivers are up-to-date.
Then I need to use Microsoft to make sure that Windows is up-to-date, then "just" check that there's nothing new for DX!

Quick suggestion - try this:-
find the file "trainzoptions.txt"
now use notepad and edit the file to disable the intro video - the format's is in the manual.
This often gets past the can't start problem...