Trains not stopping


I have a question about signaling and train behavior. My trains in AI mode do not stop at the red signal, but even before. As a result, you have to wait 2 minutes every now and then before continuing :/ Previously, they always slowed down and drove the last section before the traffic light at 4 km/h until they stopped. Now they slow down only when they pass the sign. Has something changed or is something wrong in the settings? Is it a fault in the locomotive configuration? How to prevent this?
I'm not an expert on signals...but could you tell me what kind of signals you're using? That may have something to do with the AI's odd behavior.
First of all, what route and sessions you are having issues with? Please include kuid IDs if possible!

If it's your own route and session, you will need to tell the AI train to wait at that signal. I can't remember how exactly to do it, but I know there are heaps of other users on the forums that knows how to solve this issue really fast ;) Just be patient.