Track laying tools


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I have a question about the track laying options in Surveyor. When you adjust the track height is it in meters or feet? I use the imperial measurment system and something is fishy about the height versus gradient of the track, so I'm wondering if its doing it in meters.
Track laying

Hi nyswman,

I think the height of objects placed in surveyor is dependant on the measurment you are working in. If you set the mesurements to imperial and place an object at say a hieght of 10 then go to edit map and change the measurements to metric the height of the object will still be 10. As far as the gradient is concerned it does not matter what measurment you are using. A 1% gradient is rising 1ft in 100ft or 1mtr in 100mtrs. Either measurement will give the same gradient.

Hope this helps,