track dip


TC1/TC2/TRS 09,06,04/UTC
i have almost finished my first attempt to make a route and i have 1 piece or section of track that is below the hieght of the other 2 bits of joing track what can you do to stop this when i hit the invert spline button (i think thats what its called it looks like a boom gate) in topography menu and the track doesnt do anything but dip even more in the middle.
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Click on the Advanced tab in the track section. In the Advanced section you will have a Get Vertex Height button. Click on that and then click on one of the vertex circles on the end of the track that is the height you want. Then in the Advanced section, click on the Use Vertex Height button then click on the vertex circle on the end of the track that is too high/low. Repeat proscess for other end of track. Hope this is what you were looking for and I hope it made sense.
After you do what Shortfuse told you then click on the smooth button located in the track advance section and then click on the track and the ground will smooth up to the track.