Tons of faulty assets after install from archive


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Decided to move my route over from my desktop to laptop so I archived the route and session and all dependent assets. Went to the laptop and installed the archives and now about 90% of my assets, even built in like Auran: track snow 1b are showing red exclamations as faulty. Both versions of trains are the same and all of these assets are totally fine on my desktop computer.

When I archived the route I dragged the route onto the archive panel and trains asked if I wanted to include dependent assets, which I said yes too. I then did the same for the session. Somehow everything got messed up and now my route has no track just dotted yellow lines and spinning splines and if you query them it says 'no assets'. Missing my ground textures, and numerous buildings, just nuts.

Any ideas? Should I try creating CDP instead?

Create the CDP without (built-in) assets. As they are in your other install anyway, you will not miss these. If you try to import these and with that try to replace the current versions, they become locally modified and start showing their hidden errors.

Else you can always try to revert the built-in assets and do a database repair after that.
So I should create a CDP and not archive then, and omit the locals. I know the manual says to use archiver over cdp which is why I did.
It's including the built-in content that caused your issue, so using either method without including built-ins will help.

How do I omit built in from the archive, there is no option to do so and all the assets just have an arrow beside them.

**Just looking at it again and the only way I can see of doing it is to not archive the dependent assets, and then download the missing ones from the DLS again.**
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That may help, or perhaps locating the built-ins in the Archive panel and right-click > Remove.

Failing that, reverting the changed builtins to original will also help.

That may help, or perhaps locating the built-ins in the Archive panel and right-click > Remove.


How do you tell the archive to not include built in? My route with DEP. is 1.4GB (don't ask me why so big, so far it is only about 1/2 done) and the only way I can see to not include built in is to look at asset 1 in archive, then go into 'search/built in' and see if it is or not, then go to the next. Very time consuming. It would be nice if in TANE the archiver automatically omitted built in.

Thanks for the help to all.
Howdy again; So I am trying to figure out how I can get the dependencies of my PB Exp route to show so that I can filter them to ignore built in. I can right click on the route and select show dependencies but as soon as I apply a filter to it it shows all content in TS 12. Can this be done? I want to get rid of built in and then put the rest into a cdp.
The easiest way to do this is to click View in Main List then add a 'Builtin=False' filter to the resulting search (do not remove the blank Asset KUID line).

I tried that. Opened PB Exp, view Dep, view in main list. Then under search added builtin=false and it switched from 'current' tab to 'installed' and gave me all non built in content on TS12, not just the stuff I was using in my route.

****Ah, I see what you mean, add another tab underneath. THANKS!!****