HI I am looking if there is a portal that can be used with timetable use in TANE

In TS 12 or 10 there was a portal that you could set a daily schedule for the portal to produce but this is not TANE friendly

So if anyone has any suggestions I will be very grateful.

Hi George

I use "Quick Portal Manager standard edition", kuid2:61392:5013:30 by author "pguy" which works perfectly for timetabling portals for me. However it doesn't seem to work with the Un-portal or Un-portal2 rules.

Pierre also has some great rules and driver commands for use with the Interlocking Towers in T:ANE. Look for the "Mission Code Manager" rule and its driver commands "SetMissionCode" and "ITMCAssignNextPath". For path setting with the Interlocking Towers look for "IT SetPath", "IT SetPathAndWaitActive", "IT SetPathAndWaitNotRed" driver commands.

If the MissionCode manager interests you then Pierre has added a page to the Wiki http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/Help:MissionCode_Manager_Rule which describes the rule and its use.


Hi George,
Unfortunately I have struck the same problem, trying to run trains to a tight schedule or time-table. However, I have overcome it to a certain degree by using additional portals tied into the one line; and staggered the 'emitting time' between them; all run by Central Portal Control.

Just by making a 'minute' adjustment one way or the other, they all run to schedule.
Hello Roy thank you for your reply but can I put say 6-16 am as a time for a train to appear from a portal .

In TS10 I had a portal that you could set a days running over a 24 hour period and 7 days ,

but in TANE the portal page is blank just a blue nothing so Quick portal Manager must be the one to use??? George
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