Those Feisty Red Trees . . . .


Greetings Gents,:(
I don't post here very often unless I have a unique issue (problem) that I cannot fix.
I have included a screenshot of my trees turning red when I pull back a short distance and they stay that way til I go back in closer.
I have tried to check this on the monthly selection and no matter what month I choose, They are still red.
They are among 3 or 4 types of trees but, however, the bushes and grass are stable with their green colors.
Is there a solution for this since I cannot figure it out.

Also my system is on MS Windows 10 Pro, 32gb Ram , 500gb SSD Drive and using TRS2019.
Thanks you so much for your help.

Col Klink 242091
(Ken M.)

(PS - My screenshot for you will not take. So your imagination will have to work. So sorry.)
Hi Ken,

It sounds to me that the LOD has the wrong texture associated with it for the season, which means that the seasonal LOD 0 texture is green and correct, but the LOD 1 and LOD 2, assuming there are other levels, has the wrong texture for that mesh.

The only solution I can think of is to replace the trees with something else that's either same species or looks similar.
Hello John,
I will give it a try and certainly appreciate your solution.
Be back soon with my test and resolution.

If you want anything more than a guess for an answer, provide kuid numbers of the trees. At least then people might see if they can reproduce the problem, analyse the assets, test a few possible fixes etc.
Alright guys, I have the kuid for you as this one tree is one I like to use on most layouts. <kuid2:211025:21370:1>
This is an st_RMM_Elka Tree at 6m

As it stands, I have tried several experiments to make this tree stable when I pull away from the routeand not turn red.
Several things I have tried that may take a while to explain, but, I won't. This is a seasonal tree and I made some
replacements to see if I could get it to stand by itself and not disappear. Nope. Didn't work in several cases.

One thing I did consider is that if I took several seasonal trees I like, turn off the seasonal parameter ( or delete it )
it might work if I go into the folder and pull the correct part from the list and try it on the landscape.
(NOPE. Disn't work on several tries).

Well, now that I have explained some things I did, I will turn it over to someone who might fix it.
Seems like all the nice trees are being "seasoned" for the winter routes. On my PC, they all turn red.
If you (have or had ) the same issue, please let me know. I'm just curious.

Thanks guys.
Herr Klink,

Thanks for posting the example kuid, now we have something solid to chew on. I have <kuid2:211025:21370:1> in both TANE and TRS19, but I can't reproduce the problem in either version. As sergeant Schulz would say, "I see nussing!!". No sign of red trees at any distance (see a 1-baseboard-long screenshot below).

Also, the tree is not seasonal. There are no seasonal texture files and the config has no season-selector container, so it just cannot be seasonal. I confirmed that it does not respond to time of year or snowline settings in the game. So it's very strange that you think it's a seasonal tree. Are you sure we are even talking about the same asset?

Looking at the tree in CM’s asset preview I can count 4 LOD's. They all use the same green leaf textures and the background surrounding the leaf images is also green. I was thinking that if the background was red, it could bleed into the edges of the leaves in the low-res mip-map textures used for the low-detail, distant LOD’s. However there just isn't any red to cause that effect. The trunk and branches are gray, so no red there either.

I can't see anything in the asset to explain why the tree turns red for you. Perhaps it's down to some Trainz setting, the graphics card, or maybe the asset or its mesh library dependency, are corrupted somehow. You could try deleting both, followed by a database repair and re-download. Otherwise, do a 'revert to original' and see if that does any good. Let us know if and how you solve the problem, because it's always good policy to record solutions to the many problems Trainz throws at us.

~ Deane


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Just to confirm what Deane said, tested here and it is not changing colour in fact they are not seasonal so can't. I use them on my WIP route and never had a problem.

This is sounding like a GPU or driver issue, so what is the GPU and are it's drivers up to date and for that matter is Win10 up to date? Early versions did have some graphics issues.

What settings are you using for trainz?
Gentlemen, Malc, Deane & John -

As much as I would love to figure this thing out with all you have told me, I still have some trees that turn red when I pull away for a small distance.
Some of Pofig's trees are doing it as well. I have gone through the updates for the system check and they are current and up-to-date.
I have Windows 10 Pro using all SSD drives and they are doing fine. I've been trying to get Windows 11 to work but Microsoft won't let it load.
Something makes it quit. IDK .

I have readjusted as much as I can without the program buffeting and jumping along and that is why it took me an extra day to get some kind of
answer for all of you. And what is kinda wierd is that not more than a few weeks ago, all the turf and trees were looking swell. No special colors
were popping up. So I am a bit puzzled about this and expect I will be working on this for a while. One of these days when I come to a brilliant
conclusion, I'll get on the forum and find you all and bless this mess with your approval. All of you help me " fork in one idea after another "
to help so, after this, we shall remain friends with Question marks riding above our heads and no one knows why.

I'll be back, I'm sure. Thanks to all of you for the splendid help.

Ken, The Colonel ;)