this a is a CALL to all ruote maker out there (help)


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this is a SOS call. to ruote makers
IS this your route
route 1 is
London to reading / guildford / portmouth!
route 2 is
Isle of wight "isle line" moden layout (the ride pear look like the real Ride Pear)

OR if you know who was doing them

if so read on

there was some ruotes on the old Auran ruote forum that i was verey intrast in

porlome is i bad at names! and have forget the name of the uese. who was doing the 2 i was most intrastid in

i was going to help beta test the routes

if you was the makes of the 2 route i had said about at the start of the post

plz e-mail me at
plz help if you know as well who it was who was makeing them

if you can put me in touth with these people i be verey happy.

i sorry for any bad spelling. i tray to spell words right.
thenk you for your time!
Do a search on the DLS for these 2 routes and you will get the author's name(s).

Re the old routes, I am afraid you have to be more specific as there where a lot of routes mentioned on the old forum.

Hey, after reading your email address, I remember you, you are dislexic. Hence your spelling but no problems I could get the gist of most of it :). You ARE Chris CC from the EGOSOFT X forum, aren't you? I remember reading and emailing with you. My user name there was/is Commander Jamieson, I am still am a moderator there as well. Small world, isn't it? How are you doing old buddy? :D


omg CJ!!!!!

it a samll world after all!!!!!
it a samll samll world!!!!

AS for the DLS

the layout on there are not what i am after
the layout i going on about was only in develmot
and had not been pussed to DLS.

the only pic i seen had been post on the forum by maker!

and no the route on the DLS are not made by SAME uese!
that i do rember!
Maybe route #2 refers to me - I am in the progress of making the 'Island Line' current route for the Isle Of Wight, with real track layout (and a proper Ryde Pier). I am also making class 483's in Network SouthEast and LT liveries to run on it. Neither are finished as of yet and therefore are not on the DLS.

Unfortunately I will not have access to the pc containing these until after christmas so no further progress will be made until then.

You can catch me on MSN mostdays (tfc<UNDERSCORE>tempest<AT>hotmail<DOT>com).

Regards, Kev
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