TheCowboy's 9000's


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Has anyone purchased any of these recently? I've been wanting to purchase them but I'm not exactly sure if TheCowboy is still even around or even bothering with purchases of said locomotives. If anyone can fill me in on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :wave:
Before you buy, make certain you can install them in your version of Trainz and have them work. They work fine in TRS2006 but when I installed them into Trainz TC, the safety valve would blow as soon as Driver started and the engines were useless. Cowboy said he was going to update them but that was about the time he dropped out of sight. There was also some sort of copy protection to prevent theft which you need to make sure will still work with your OS.

I brought the 9000's up to 3.7 standards working with Cowboy. He has been ill as of late and may not be able to come back to trainz. I send them off to him to finish working on the sound files and the engine files. I think the sound is just right and I stuck the BigBoy engine in all of mine. I've noticed that he is selling parts now only. They are the best engines I have. - Jim
I'm not concerned about installation (if worse comes to worse I can still re-install TRS2004 and extract them from there). What I'm mainly concerned about is if I buy them that they will be sent or not; is he able to send them/is he still sending them?