The newest car under construction at VBG's shops

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Ooooh, Viewliner!

I remember reading about these in Trains Magazine when they were first introduced--they've got some quite fantastic construction relative to other "normal" railroad cars :)
Corey: You're just like me. Free school content.

Francis: Gmax is still free on turbosquid. Just sign up and download.
Yea, i always though payware was cheap... The viewliners are really nice, i see them every day on the lake shore limited. Some have the phase IVB paint as well.


Hi all, Heres the latest update from the virtual beech grove shops..

The viewliner body and corrugations have been added, as well as gaskets and windows. Doors have been installed. I am now working on adding the end details and finishing the shells texture. I will post a screenshot as soon as the body is done.

Glad to hear. LOL!:D

Heres a pic of the car minus the ends...


Oh my goodness Jeff....(Corey I mean... I'm loosing it already). My Backspace key doesn't work at the moment. So I'm typing very carefully at the moment. After a weekend in the BIG "O" (Orlando), I've been busy. I got a video capture of a Silver service train passing the LYNX bus station. So, If you need a ring(I doubt it though, as you have everything), I'm here to help.

Alright, thanks Isaac. I think my favorite part about this car will be the interior view, i mean who doesn't want to ride in a viewliner??

The interior would be great even though sadly I've never riden in a viewliner before or any of the Silver service trains only the Auto train. With an interior I would probably get a good idea of how viewliners are.
I've ridden in Viewliners several times (from B'ham: New Orleans & back 2x, Atlanta & back, DC & back, Philly & back, AND Newark & back).

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