The loco main texture is blurry

Look at the xxx.texture.txt files and look if you can find texture compression commands. They could cause trouble like this...
Nothing you can do to fix that.
Nope, unless you use a photo editing program, like Photoshop, and up the image size to 56.888 (L and W), then replace the Amtrak Loco with a sharper one. Then your art file will be much bigger and could potentially cause lag
PerRock, I took a screenshot on high graphics settings, later switched to ultra and it got a little better. But other models look better on similar settings.
This model is outdated build 2.9. Maybe that's the case?
The area of the map used for the loco front is too small. Compare it to the size the numbers and other amtrak signs take up.

This is traincar <kuid:532427:100198>, I did not find the default <kuid2:45324:90000:1> Interior and replaced it with another one. Are graphic bugs possible from this?
Not having the texture detail set to high is the main issue none of the other settings will have effect, other than that it's from being pretty old. It was updated for use in the later games but is still a bit outdated. I was never happy with the pixel density of this item but I was trying to accomplish a few things with it at the time, like putting the entire main structure on one map, which I should have at the very least used 2.