the Ipswich to Boonah-Dugandan Fassifern branch railway


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the Ipswich - Boonah - Dugandan Fassifern Branch Railway
This railway line was pulled up in 1964

all this was made in a computer game called Trainz 2010EE

there are way too many people to thank for their help with advice,
or their buildings and bits and pieces they made for me

thank you to all

if you would like to contact me, you are welcome
just leave a note in the email heading

check these links please

video movies
below are the 3 differing views of this route

Trainz 2010 ipswich to boonah QR 2000 class cab ride

Trainz 2010 ipswich to boonah helicopter view following RM55

Trainz 2010 ipswich to boonah double head C17 steam cattle train

screenshot link at

Dugandan rail end. Schicks Piggery in the background 1

Schicks Piggery with Dugandan Terminus in the background

Schicks Piggery with Dugandan Terminus in the background

Dugandan rail end. Schicks Piggery in the background
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It looks really good, it is nice to see you have been continuing on the route.

I will have to get around to sending you those items as promised.


Dugandan cattle yards

Dugandan yards with Station on left and the Dugandan Hotel in the background

Dugandan Terminus with Cattle and Pigpens and Goods Shed

Dugandan Terminus Loco Depot and 6 ton Weighbridge

Dugandan Station
Hi Ron,

The Screenshots look rather promising. Do keep up the good work.

Just wanting to make you aware, from the screenshots I have seen; on the Download Station, I have uploaded some content like a standard QR 60ft Engine Shed (which was based off the one at Dugandan), QR Carriage Shed, Section Car Sheds of various sizes and a few other pieces of content. If need be; they are roll back compatible with 2010. I have invited you to my file sharing folder for the files; and a few items I made for your project. You will need to download - Dropbox and accept my invitation by email.

Sincerest Regards,

Dugandan Reservoir, Quarry + Village

Dugandan Quarry,

Dugandan Quarry,

Dugandan Village with field

farmland with Boonah township
farmland with Boonah township

towards Boonah

Boonah up the hill

Boonah up the hill

looks like the undertakers had a breakdown

Boonah with station and Butter Factory
garbage men hard at it

Boonah Station and Goods platform

Boonah Goods

Boonah Butter Factory + Showgrounds

Boonah Butter Factory + Showgrounds
Boonah Butter Factory + red bridge

Boonah towards Hoya. red bridge rd on left

the red bridge road trestle on Boonah's outskirts

milk tanker backing into a shed

oops, farmer joe's shed burned down
Hi Ron,

Well done; and I have some news for you on why the place is called 'Red Bridge' from my travels down to Boonah recently talking to the Historical Society. I have been informed there was a timber and steel viaduct with a short lattice span over the road similar to Lockyer Creek bridge at Coominya. These were supplanted from either the Tooowomba Range or elsewhere . There were only two steel piers holding the span over the road. It was a local landmark, which could be seen for miles and the road which came later was named after the bridge. It was removed after the line closed. If I can have a copy of the route; I can measure up the bridge to suit, and add the spans as a track side attachment similar to speedboards.

Secondly, I have deposited a few items into the dropbox. Further more items, will come.

All the best.

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time to bring in the hay and lucerne

time to bring in the hay and lucerne

more land being cleared for fields

more land being cleared for fields

a cattle drove to the station

lots of fields nearly ready to be harvested

towards Teviotville

farms stop and grazing starts