Happy 100th birthday to the Big Four!


Ambling on the slow line
On this day 100 years ago, the four railway companies established by the 'Grouping' in mainland Great Britain were formally vested. So happy birthday GWR*, LMS, LNER and SR!
[*the GWR existed before 1923, but became a rather larger concern afterwards.] Also, on this day in 1948 the Big Four were nationalised to create British Railways, so happy 75th birthday BR!

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A celebration of Big Four locomotives:

Happy New Year!

So the big four only existed for 25 years!

Interesting anniversaries, I wonder if the present Southern will make it past 25 years.
Strange to think that we tend to consider the Grouping as ancient history, but it only represents the half-way mark of the nearly 200 year history of public railways in Britain. The multitude of companies that were 'grouped' in 1923 had existed for almost 100 years in one form or another by that point.