The Illinois Railway Museum Route

Decided to add Yard 10 (the yard where the future roundhouse will go) to this set.... If your wondering why Im building a set first because my last post explains why. Im doing this a a sort of "Preview of the what if" when I finally get the track work all completed.
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The Display route grows

If I keep working on this mini display I might release it to gain support for my full out Complete IRM Project. :) Steves Barns do come in handy here.

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Im going to take this time to make an announcement. I originally planned to do this project with little to no help with only a small number of contributors, but to due the growing privately popularity of my project. Ive decided to make this project a community project. (I think its a splendid idea) Rather than limited myself to a small team, Ive decided to let anybody contribute to this project (where if its a piece of Rolling stock, a building, a tree or even a garbage can) like the old saying "Every little bit helps" Well that is what Im going to do with this project. Also when I complete this project I might try to bring my computer to IRM whenever I finish and show the volunteers that their museum has gone virtual (Im serious with this goal) Help me reach this goal by contributing to my project and I will make sure I will mention every name that contribute to the members of IRM.

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No, that Paulz Russian Decapod that I requested to be heavily modified into Frisco 1630.

My first proper photo shot.





No problem Dustin, I understand you are trying to help and thats fine. :) Plus if you are willing to contribute to this project I will be gladly accept any help (Especially form the guys at Trainz Forge). :)
Very nice screens Matt! I have never been to the IRM, in person, but it looks very realistic! (I especially like the shot with Frisco 1630 and the scrap metal)
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Thanks Joe. Done some more work on my IRM Display Route (I have plans to release this) and if I gain enough support from the community, I will continue on to making the full museum (if someone can provide me a DEM) because working on this route without a DEM is already putting stress on me to make accurate corrections in the track works and building placements.

Building of what I believe one of the streets of the future main street project might look like based on artistic sketches.


Nice Pics Matt. I like the way this is turning out. As for the DEM I can't really help you since I am to stupid to use this. I am currently building at LaSalle Street Station only from Google Earth. It's a pain in the butt to build that without a proper DEM. But I can try making a DEM for you when I have the time. (School 8am to 3pm, Homework and Basketball don't let me play Trainz. Also I'm going to be a few days on vacation at the weekend)
Its okay, take your Time Joe. No need to rush. I too am busy, with me going to work and chores to do in the house as well as sometimes I go rail fanning), Im very busy too. if I can't get a DEM I will have to convert to my old methods of Route building, (Side By Side Comparison and ruler measurements). If that happens, my Display route will become part of the main route.
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working on this route without a DEM is already putting stress on me to make accurate corrections in the track works and building placements.
So use screenshots of Google Earth, just like I explained to you in this post. Easy as that. Saves you all the crap of measuring it as you can simply put the tracks on the pictures.
Get yourself a Windows emulator for your Mac, just like many others did before you, and you can go.
oknotsen - would I be right in saying that you would need a Windows license to do that (or is it possible to do it with their trial version)?

I tried using that Oknotsen, But its a PC program, and Im trying to find a Mac version of it. I really want to use it. Plus I might try boot camp to get it to work but Im worried if using boot camp might delete any of my Computer data during the transfer. :confused: