The first TrainzItalia Workshop


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Ladst week end the TrainzItalia staff organized a two day workshop souther of Milano.
The tradition of the staff and friends meeting has been further developed with a two days Sat April 14th and Sun April 15th) meeting where the best 3d creators and painters of our staff spent their precious time trying to teach to the last favorite (a polite way to indicate gmax allergic and paint-negate) of the group the how and what of elementar, medium and high level painting and 3ding...
Two days are not much, but at the end of the days, even ALM, notouriusly a gmax-negate guy, suceeded in applying his first texture on a planes (not an easy job... teach hem the how and why...).
The days, spent in the nice hills between Milano and Genova, has been particularly interesting because of the good food (think about we are in Italy) good wine (think about we are in Italy) and the several groupies of the staff (think abo... ok you understood) spending nice time with the staffers (looking at the creations, of course...).
The idea is extending these meeting to all friends around Europe (or, why not, World) that would like to be present.
Maybe you will NOT have a lot of increase in your creation capability, but for shure you will increase your weight and alchoolic grade extensivelly.
Let's go to understand if an International TrainzItalia Workshop can happen next time... Most of us speak English, a few French and a couple speak German, but ALL have fun playing with Trainz

P.S. The report has been only slightly exagerated
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