The enginesounds of the E8 locomotive.


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The Trainz versions sound much like an SD-40. There is no mechanical gear-driven whir for the blower. According to Wikipedia, a pair of EMD 567B's are in an E8. They are two-stroke V-12's with Roots blowers.

The General Motors EMD F7's had one two-stroke EMD 567 as a V-16 and Roots blower. I was wondering why the Trainz version of the E8 lacks the gear-driven whir. I modified my Rock Island E8 #655 with the enginesounds and hornsounds from an F7. I feel an E8 should sound like an F7 and not an SD-40.
Here is an E8. It certainly has a lope like a typical two-stroke classic GM diesel-electric. For a classic streamlined carbody, the E8 is a long and impressive-looking locomotive. Two-axle F7's are relatively short and stubby. The three-axle heavy-duty trucks make this old streamliner look tough to boot. LONG looks impressive in terms of vehicles and trains. This UP E8 in the video is being pussyfooted around, nothing but idling. I can't hear the tone of the blower. The old screaming gear-drivien blowers of a revving classic EMD engine is what really stokes the fire in my soul. Some American railroad managers loved carbody engines for their hot fashionable looks and thought Geep hood units embarrassingly ugly back in the golden days of American trains. I noticed these carbodies have a rather high climb into the cab. Certainly not wheelchair-accessible. They look rather dangerous to climb in and out of. Think ice, snow and rain. No low steps, porches and low walkway as on hood units. I wouldn't be surprised if the crewmen of these carbodies weren't called MONKEYS.

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