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Did you ever edit an asset ... and mess it up ... requiring deleting the asset ... and re-downloading it ?

First of all you should make a "Clone" of the asset, and work / experiment on the cloned asset.

When you do edit an asset ... make a "New Folder" inside the assets file ... drop all the original unwanted files into that "new folder", and the originals will all be safeguarded in there, and Trainz won't be able to see what's inside that "new folder". Now, you can edit the assets empty original folder, with all your changes that you want to put in there.

I have found a way to obsolete built-in assets (such as the Auran Sliding Wheel Fake Bogies). Make a "New Folder" inside all of the many various Paintshed bogey folders, and drop all the guts of the original folder, into that "new folder", and hide them there, for safekeeping. Find another useful similar bogey, and copy those files, and paste them into the empty (Auran Sliding Wheel Fake Bogies) built-in assets folder ... rename the config file, username, tag line with the title you wish ... When committing, only the name will change, but the built-in assets kuid will still be as it was originally.

Now when I place a TRS2006 3000 ton IC Coal Train, as well as all the other (Baaahfy Paintshed assets), all the sliding trucks are hidden in the "new folder", but the animated bogeys will show up on the multitude of other Paintshed railcars that share those same bogey kuids.

The same with enginesounds ... I got rid of all the built-in Baaahfy lame enginesounds, hornsounds, bellsounds on the Paintshed F7's ... now they all have animated wheels, and realistic sound effects ... a 200% improvement over the original 04 / 06 assets (but then again, who runs 04, 06, and Paintshed assets anyway, besides me) ?

I made a "New Consist", "Beer Train, of all the beer cars on the DLS, and resized the images from 512 x 512, to be 1024 x 1024, and sharpened the images ... those pre- 04 beer cars look pretty darn good, with replacement animated bogeys.

I took a MP Track Wood v2 (by Philskene), and cloned it ... edited the cloned track, and put in a 8 part tracksound to the track files ... now my Baaahfy Paintshed "Beer Train" looks, and sounds, like a real train (as I found a superb sound file), as my Auran Paintshed F7's have brand new replacement bogeys, from another 3rd party high detailed F7. All my Auran Paintshed SD40's now have brand new high detailed bogeys, enginesounds, hornsounds, bellsounds. And they run down the track with realistic loud, 40 foot railjoint tracksounds, as the built-in Auran tracksounds have been disabled by trainzoptions line tag: -disablerailjointsound

I will have to post a video, of what all my TRS2006 Built in assets now look like ... Unbelievable !

For Now ... an old video:

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Great little gem there Cascade. For years I have been replacing the rollingstock bogies with 45681:5000. Your method is so simple and effective.
BUT: in TRS2006, when you backdate an asset, and then delete assets.bku, and assets.tdx files... the TAD rebuilds, and all your "built-in assets" revert back to default sliding fake bogies ... WAAAAH !
Editing a Built-In asset

I edit allot of Built-In assets, and change the truck type, wheelsound, tracksound, engine sound, enginespec ... etc ...

However, when ever a TAD Update takes place it reverts all my alterations to the original Built-In asset appearance.

Is there any way to lock a Built-In altered asset config file, so that the TAD can not update it ?

Is there any way to stop the TAD Update process, other than to keep the PC offline, or press "Esc" for the TAD Update windows ?