The (Classy) Texas Special through Texas


Building America



what cars did you reskin, I think I recognize CloakedGhost's ATSF RPO car, are those the Auran defaults? You might want to consider using a different truck, as those are floating. Other than that, nice reskin.
these Are MAGIClands cars and yes, I have bought the payware ones and im addingthe textures to them

I think you'd better seek permission if you plan on releasing them. Since they are payware, you won't be permitted to do so.

I guess if you are only showing screenies of them, then that is possibly ok. I've seen occasions where creators even prohibit screenshots of modified content that they own.

I always seek permission from the creator to see if I can release before I even post screenies.
well i am only releasing this version, the config says i can with out permission so yah.

the payware ones are mine and will stay with me.