The challenge to find Kuid's


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Hi Everyone I download the Ozark Valley Railroad Version 3.6 TS12 and I know where to get the Non Download station Kuids. The only problem is the website is in a different language and I can not find the Kuid's. On a side note I am having problems finding this kuid <kuid:407646:12001> I searched everywhere even the Kuid search index. If anyone knows where this Kuid is that be great.
This from HP-Trainz. This is it here:

HP wood no ballast,<kuid2:407646:12001:10>

I have it installed, so I must've gotten it somewhere. There have been many versions of the same thing over the past few years. There's a possibility I downloaded it from HP-Trainz when I installed the Marias Pass X route originally.