The best train simulator


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choose one of these train simulators as your favorite one (oh and if i missed any just list the one that i missed as your favorite)

1. TRS2006
2. TRS2004
4. Lego Loco
5. Railroad Tycoon 3
6. Railroad Tycoon 2
7. Railroad Tycoon 1

oh and heres my favorite:

Geep:eek:k Mark! its time for us to announce what Iced8383's favorite train simulator is

Doctor Davis:sorry but Mark is sick. i guess you'll have to do it yourself.

Geep:good thing i have an iPhone!

(dials number)

Geep: hi officer Bob!

Officer Bob: hi geep!

Geep:can you come over?

Officer Bob:sure!

(drives over)

Geep:eek:k Officer Bob! announce what Iced8383's favorite train simulator is!

Officer Bob: and Iced8383's favorite train simulator is:

Trainz 2006

:yawn: :sleep: