The AI points mystery.


An AI train will not move because the message box is telling it
that it cannot plot the route, as a points lever is missing. I've
inspected every point on the route, (ten miles of it), and I cannot
find a point with a missing lever. Can anyone help this AI trains
predicament. Cheers chaps.
Try running your AI route in manual. I had the same with a 700+ mile route and found I had a lever but no points. Hope this helps.
Found the problem! I had unknowingly created a junction when joining track to
an AJS invisible station. I knew something was wrong when a placed a track marker
about 200 yards away, and the train wouldn't even move to that, so I decided to
relay the track, and that's when I discovered the problem.
It can be stupid easy to make that kind of mistake. I really like splines in general, but they can be such trixy poxy little blighters..... Always wanting to join up to things they shouldn't.....

Sometimes I think it would be better to have to hold the shift key to connect then hold to prevent connection. Maybe make it selectable.