Texturing a reskin


Learning... slowly!
I'm considering doing a reskin of some BR Diesels, and one I'm thinking about doing is a good model but the skin of it basically uses a block of colour for the main body side. I'd like to reskin it to give it a slightly more realistic looking body side.

Can anyone give me any tips? I use GIMP but I'm no expert. Also, any tips on adding weathering would be lovely too.

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You'll get more useful tips if you provide the KUID of the model you contemplate adding a texture to. Be warned, though, that the skins of some models are made in a way that makes it impossible, or at least very difficult to add a texture by any than the original creator.
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I was thinking of having a play with Snowsignal's class 56 in BR Blue...
Alternatively one of the AC Electrics - 86 or 87.