TANE CE - Listing Compatible Routes


I thought it might be worth encouraging a thread that shares known compatible routes that work in TANE CE.

If anyone that has found a route on the DLS or one they have created that works well in TANE CE please list them in this thread.
Or even one that they have loaded into CE and had to sort out issues and perhaps share the experience.
I have noted that some creators and users have mentioned loading routes and doing fixes in other threads.

With the delayed release of TANE till May 2015 - It would be encouraging to have more routes to experiment with than the current standard fare.
I propose the Darjeeling and Himalayan Railway, the DHR.

There is a TS12 compatible version on the DLS which I have downloaded and installed in T:ANE. It was built for TS2004 where it was probably to big for the then current machines. It installs easily, some warnings no errors, despite the bill-board trees which T:ANE handles better that I would have expected, and I found that it runs very well, even the sessions worked.

This confirms what we were told, if it is error free in TS12 it will run in T:ANE

The DHR team would like to hear comments.