T:ANE and AMD R9 290 (non X) Problems


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I have T:ANE installed on my desktop and just swapped my GTX 650ti BOOST out for my AMD R9 290. I made sure to uninstall the nvidia drivers before doing so and then installed the latest AMD drivers after putting the card in. TS12 works fine, but T:ANE keeps crashing or my display driver keeps crashing. I have tried so many different settings and nothing seems to help. I also just got a blue screen while in surveyor and had to restart my computer. Also, when the game isn't crashing, any transparent or semi-transparent textures appear pixelated. Turning up the anti-aliasing helps, but it is still noticeable. Why am I having these problems and why didn't I have any problems with the Nvidia card. I had the AMD card in storage for a while since I was using another drive as a hackintosh and the GTX 650 ti BOOST worked better. I stopped using the hackintosh drive and updated the card to improve performance in T:ANE. What can I do to fix these problems? Thanks.

Here is a picture of the blue screen:

Here are my system specs:

ASUS P8Z77-V PRO Motherboard
Intel Core i5-3570k CPU
8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 RAM
ASUS AMD R9 290 (non-x) Graphics Card w/4GB VRAM
Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD (for OS and Trainz)
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
That looks like a driver problem to me - Use Google or Bing to search for both of these terms:

stop: 0x00000116

Check ASUS website support area to ensure that your BIOS on the motherboard is the latest for that mobo.
Confirm that you have the latest AMD Radeon software drivers for the R9-290

Suggest Uninstall the existing video drivers from Control Panel. Then delete the remnant folders from the installations of both your earlier NVidia GPU installation and the AMD one.
Then reinstall the latest Radeon Software drivers for your 64bit Win 7 Operating System and GPU combo.
You didn't specify how you "uninstalled" the drivers but just for reference here's the bombproof way to update graphic drivers seeing how fiddly they can be sometimes.

1. Download Display Driver Uninstaller and the latest drivers
2. Restart into safe mode, run the app and chose "remove drivers and shut down"
3. Pull out old card, install new one
4. Restart into safe mode again (or safe mode with network if you didn't get the drivers in step 1)
5. Install your new drivers

If after these steps you still have graphics issues you can be guaranteed something other than the drivers are causing your problems. With older cards you might want to try older versions from oldapps.com but don't count on it.
I'd definitely suggest it's a driver issue. The newer AMD installers have a clean install option though which may be worth using.

I did a clean install of Windows 10 on a spare SSD I had and got everything installed including the latest drivers from AMD. I installed T:ANE and the crashes are gone, but the pixelated, grid-like textures are still there. It's actually more like a black grid pattern over anything transparent. What can I do the fix this? It didn't do this with the Nvidia card or in TS12 with either video card. Again, any help is appreciated.

Sorry for the large size, but here are some screenshots of what I'm referring to (zoom in/look closely):

The windows on this passenger car:

The transparent sections of these plants: