Surveyor 2.0 water layer


Slave to my route
Hello everybody, I guess I'm having a senior moment using the S2 water layer. I've upgraded the L&A to HD terrain and now I am thinking of completely redoing the Ohio river, but this is were I'm failing.

I started off just "blinding" the water legacy layer the made a new layer called Ohio river. I selected the Ohio river tab and try to paint on the water nothing happens. Is there a tutorial either text or video showing how to use the new water layer?

Without knowing exactly what steps you used to "paint the water" here is what I do - it is important to remember that water in S20 is now an effect layer.

  1. Select the Brush Tool
  2. In the Ground Height drop down box, select the Water Effect Layer you will be painting
  3. In the next drop down box select a Brush Action (usually it will be Height Up, Height Down or Set Height). For Set Height set a Height value in the Tool Options Palette
  4. Paint with the left mouse button held down

Details can be found at How_to_Use_S20_Tools
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