Surveyor 2.0 how to get and apply spline height


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I can't seem to figure out how to grab a spline point height and apply it to other splines? I assume the dropper tool is used to grab the height but most of the time it seems to be grabbing ground height and not spline. Am I missing something or is it a bit more complicated than 1.0?
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So I checked it and tried and it's giving me what seems to be a relative height value, which when applied becomes an absolute height value. Otherwise all I get is the ground height. Something just doesn't seem right. Am I supposed to do the math, manually enter the desired height and then apply it to each spline point? Wtf?
If using the Eyedropper tool then what you have to do is:-
  1. set the Asset Filter in the Assets Palette the to Filter Selection option, then
  2. select the Spline Icon in the row of icons below the filter - this will filter out anything that is not a spline from being sampled by the dropper
  3. then use the eyedropper tool to click on the spline endpoint whose height/grade you want to copy

Alternatively, you can use the Tool Option Palette by
  1. selecting the spline endpoint whose height/grade you want to copy
  2. in the Tool Option Palette right mouse click in the height (or grade) entry box and select Get Height from Selection
Both of the above options can be done using any the Placement Tool, the Fine Adjustment Tool and the Free Move Tool. If using the Eyedropper option in those tools hold down the Alt key when selecting the spline endpoint.

See the Wiki at Free_Move:_Set_Spline_Height for an example.