Sunday Layover in Greenwood


Analog Kid
Howdy folks,

Stopped by the Greenwood yard last Sunday around supper time just before the evening peak to see what was around. Nothing too exciting, most action was at the recently installed fuel pad. Did see some new equipment around the yard though.

Well, here's nothing special, just some Amfleets resting between runs...

...but wait... what's that behind them?

Shoreliner I's? Hmm, must be on loan to DRL.

More Metro North? I know they helped build the fuel pad but looks like there's a branch in construction as well.

Another Shoreliner consist? Atleast DRL's got some decent passenger equipment for commuter services instead of the old ratty heavyweights from a few weeks ago.

Like horses at a trough, these iron beasts get fueled up for their next runs. The GECX unit is being leased by DRL for branch service, to get Amtrak off the Afton Branch and back on the mainline where they belong.