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Hi guys, i'm new to the game i had some trouble decoupling cars to the loco. i hit reverse and when the loco touchs the wagons they don't dettach. the loco hits the wagons and the wagons bump and become distant. i dont dont why this happen. please help me to attach the wagons to the loco!
What version of trainz are you using exactly? This might help.

If its TRS2006 then hit the decople icon shown in Tutorial 4 Diesel Cab and it should work.:eek:

Or, do you want to couple the cars to the loco? Just backup VERY SLOWLY and it should couple.:D

Dont go more than 5 MPH and you should be fine otherwise you might break the coupler of the car. :'(

Hope this helps!:)
i think the shortcut for it is D then you point your mouse at the couplers which should bring a red symbol up and you just click it.

If D dosen't work then there is a little picture on the bottom left of the screen you click that and point at couplers...

If you need pictures i can get them easily.
ummmm how to explain

ill need pictures for this give me a minute.

PS: If anyone can explain please do.
Ok i have a picture and ill do my best to explain it.


First AI is simply setting your trains things to do and not driving instead watching them stuff up for stupid reasons:eek: .

1.You click the arrow down the bottom in the bar and select couple/decouple or anything else.
2.If coupling chose which car you wan't to couple to (example cch HI full 1 )
3.Your driver should couple to the carriage.

Note. You can get problems while coupling like the train not going if so you need to add signals or maybe something else is stoping you then you have to figure that out.

Hope this helps