Steamshots USA..Lets See Some Steam Shots..


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Hold on there, this is a USA steam screenshots thread. The other was Everything Steam, meaning from all over the world. He just made a narrower topic is all. What's the matter with that? I'm all for it, myself.

Steve: LOL You might want to talk to Bill about it , he is the one who built it..I Like myself..#5632 CB&Q..Love it..
I know the UK is lucky to have many steam locos for Trainz but are there many good ones TC3+/TS12 for North America?


I see someone posted SP Daylight, is that available and working in TS12? I'd be very happy if you guys could point me to some great steam locos for TC3+/TS12.
BobCass: Thanks for the comment.
Davie_UCF: The PRR K4 in my shot is Marlboro's, if you ask Steve Lerro politely he'll email it to you. The Daylight does work in TRS2010 Native Mode, so it should work in TS2012. You can get it here: There are many US steamers on the download station, not many of them work in TRS2010 though, so I don't think they'll work in TS12. Cumberland Trainz has many good (payware) locomotives.