speed on gradient problem


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:confused: I have just put a gradient onto one of my own routes in 2004, It is 0.23. My problem is that when running a loco in AI from the lowest end it follows whatever speed limit I apply BUT when it reaches what seems to be the halfway point the speed drops to 20mph whatever the limit is. I want it to follow the speed limit I apply for the whole section. "Get Gradient" shows a change from 0.23 to -0.23 at the change point so it seems to be halfway. I have been testing it as one straight track with no spline points along it but to no avail. PLEASE HELP ME.
signals? add some of those and see what it does then as it might be reading the end of track...

And that 0.x to -0.x change is meant to be there...


THANKS, I have just tried adding the signals (frequently spaced) . This has pushed the point that the speed drops a little bit more up the hill but not all the way. The gradient does join to other lines at the end. The speed wil drop quite quickly from 90mph to about 7mph before steadying out at 20mph for the remainder of the climb. This only effects the top half of the gradient. ANY MORE IDEAS PLEASE. It will show the speed limit required but not go above 20.
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