South Shore Line Info Station


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If you have any informatinon pertaining to the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad: maps, previously created content, or if you are just interested in helping pulling this together, post a reply and I will get back to you.:D


I'd like to be kept in tabs... I don't have much info but there is a very good book out there calls:
Moonlight in Duneland

Out of curiosity are you wanting to do the NICTD line or the frieght lines?

Send me an email or message for off-board contact. I will be filming the entire South Shore sometime this year. Maybe I can help you.

I've got the silver and orange cars. Unfortunately, they're not on the DLS anymore.
And this may help you. I came across this.

There's a link to a very detailed Google Map of the route. It's very easy to get lost though. I followed it east from Michigan City and got lost in South Bend, but managed to the terminal at the airport. In fact, there are Google Map links to many railroads.

Mabye, for my Tri-State Commuter Rail project, I can use some TRS2004 compatible Silverliners. If you can make them, please PM me the link. Thanks!
Been trying to find the MUs currently in use on this route for some custom routes I'm making, but to no avail. Does anyone know if these exist anywhere? I'm referring to the orange and silver cars btw.