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Hi,I've already bought your payware addon-Trainz DLC: Chinese Electric SS4 Locomotive Pack Item# SC026 through my Paypal account on Internet,But I've found any installation item for this payware Trainz addon so far,I remember I've completed such Trainz DLC downloading steps,but I quited its installation due to the day is too late for me,I need to have a rest or go to sleep for rest,so I can't find out its any instructions for installation when I restarted my installation steps on the next day,here is Transaction ID: 83E93092H1324094A,and
Invoice ID:100068361.

I wish you can help me solve this problem,let me have fun on it,Thanks a lot in advance ,See you,Good luck Sincerely yours/Best regards/Kindly regards *^_^*

(here is my Paypal transaction records,reference for you:
2015-Apr-27 20:33:19 GMT+08:00
Transaction ID: 83E93092H1324094A
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Trainz DLC: Chinese Electric SS4 Locomotive Pack
Item# SC026
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Subtotal$9.90 AUD
Total$9.90 AUD
Payment$9.90 AUD
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Invoice ID: 100068361

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Welcome to the Trainz forums and to Trainz...

You need to go back to Simulator Central where you purchased the product from. There will be link in there under your purchased items to download your program setup files again.

I may not have the details correct because it has been some time since I had to do this myself, but your file links will be there.

If you have any additional problems with your downloads, please put in a ticket on the helpdesk using the link above.

Thank you and regards,

Hello,my dear friend,here I have a very important question to ask you,I've just purchased Trainz DLC-Chinese Electric SS4 Locomotive Pack is independent extension pack for rolling stocks' installation or contains(includes) Trainz payware route addon-Chinese Daqin(Datong-Qinhuangdao) coal heavy haul route within it,I've noticed my purchased Trainz DLC doesn't contain(include) any Trainz route matched with it,So I think maybe/perhaps I should buy alternative route or extension payware addon for it(refers to Datong-Qinhuangdao Chinese coal heavy haul route),is this true?I'm looking forward to your reply for it to me,I wish you can help me solve this problem,thanks a lot in advance,See you later,Good luck!!!Sincerely yours/Best regards/kindly regards *^_^*
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I may not be John but I'm just as friendly and just as able to assist. :D

First of all, welcome to Trainz. :)

The pack does not contain a route. The route mentioned is the one the real locomotives worked on - as you probably know. It is not included in the pack.

There is a route built-in to Trainz 12, called Southern China, that the locomotives and rolling stock included in the pack would be quite at home on.

I hope that answers your question.

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Hi,here I may ask you for help further,aha!!!I'm planing to buy the complete Trainz DLC-SS4 China Coal Heavy Haul Pack addon for installation on my PCs,I think this addon pack contains(includes) the whole route and locomotives and rolling stock beyond all doubt(s),the specific address is: ,So I hope you can confirm it for me,in this way,I'll be relieved,Thank you very much,See you later,Good luck!!!Sincerely yours/Best regards/kindly regards *^_^*
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As Kieren noted, the pack you purchased contains only the two (A + B) locomotives, and does not include a route, nor any additional rolling stock (rail cars).

This Pack Includes:

  • 1 SS4 Electric Locomotive #0747 (A and B units).
  • 2 Conventional C80 Coal Wagons.
  • 3 Unitized C80 Wagons.

So, it includes one locomotive (A+B units) as well as two kinds of coal wagon. No route.